Monday, June 11, 2012

We had a fun time at Yosemite with the Dschaak family! We saw lots of beautiful scenery and lots and lots of granite! We did some hikes and saw Yosemite Falls and Bridleveil Falls. The mist felt good on our hot backs. We had fun rosted marshmallows and Starbursts.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Northern California Vacation

Hello all from California. We've been having a wonderful time. We were able to go up to Napa and tour the wine country. It's gorgeous up there. My dad would love the golf courses in the middle of all the vineyards.

Enjoying the delicous grapes!!

Then we went into San Francisco and bummed around.

Our next adventure was the Monteray Bay Aquarium. Grandma Marsha went with us and we saw awesome ocean life. They have a new display called the Secret Lives of Sea Horses. It was awesome. But I think Andi's favorites were the Otters!!!

Yes that leafy thing is a sea horse...weird eh!!

The next evening Andi and I were able to go with Marsha into the city to see WICKED. This was my second time seeing it and it was better than I remembered. Andi absolutely loved it and we had a great time.
Tomorrow we are headed to an Oakland A's ball game so I guess you can say we are having fun. We'll need time to relax when we get home. Too bad school and work start right away.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The three cousins...Andi, Brex, and now Brigs

I love my baby brother!
Proud grandparents!!

Andi is in heaven to have a new baby to hold and love

Isn't he adorable!!!!
Brigs was born on June 12th, he weighed 7lbs 2oz, and was 18.5 in long. He's got very cute dark hair and we can't wait to see if he hangs onto it or if he loses it like Brex and goes blonde.
DISNEYLAND 2009!!!!!

and this trip we only saw one was nice not to have to wait in the huge lines for the princesses

Me and Andi in front of the Mickey head

Andi and Stitch!!

Andi and Donald Duck

Look at the sweet little Tinker Bells!!

Gotta love Pluto

Grandma Jensen and Andi on It's a Small World

I think that this was Andi's favorite snack

On a ride with mom
We had an awesome time at the happiest place on earth. We already want to go back. Thanks Grandma for the wonderful trip and when we got home we had a great new surprise and addition to our family. Bryson and Hayden had their second son Brigdon Parry Jensen and he's sooo cute!!!
A few pics from the end of this seasons soccer!!!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Andi's violin recital was tonight and she did such a great job. She's got a wonderful talent and I hope she continues to have fun playing. Here is a video of the two pieces she played. The first one is called Blackberry Blossom and she hadn't practiced that one a ton cause she was convinced she wasn't playing it. And if any of you know Andi there is no arguing with her when she has something in her head. I don't know where her stubborness comes from!!! :) :) The second song she plays is Bourree by G. F. Handel and this is the piece she knew she would be playing. I hope you all enjoy...I think she did a FABULOUS job!

...and for a few pics
Andi getting ready...
playing with her violin teacher...
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Jensen for the flowers!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


1st: Celebrate with the girls getting nails done!!!

2nd: Crazy girls eatin' pizza!!

3rd: Family fun flying kites and playing ball!!!!

4th: Spoiled eight year old...thanks everyone for a wonderful birthday!!!